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Welcome to the Cape Royal Community Surface Water Management Portal

The Cape Royal HOA is responsible for providing a long-term maintenance plan for the community lakes and lake-shoreline areas and provides guidelines and direction to the lot and homeowners, golf course lessees, contractors, and others who might impact the surface water management system within our community—thus protecting the public’s health and safety, preservation of property, and enhancement of water quality.

This maintenance covers the community’s surface water management (SWM) permits for our 23 man-made lakes and drainage therein covered under the operating entity for the South Florida Water Management District’s Permit No. 36-0045-S. This committee is also responsible for the Cape Royal Preserve, 30 acres of wetlands where the Queen golf course holes 5, 6, 7 and 8 reside, which includes Reflection Lake, the community’s only natural lake, to ensure we are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and Lee County under permit #36-00450-S.  The HOA's SWM committee is divided into 3 subcommittees: Lakes, Drainage, and Preserves.

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This includes maintenance of erosion control, water quality and ensuring that we are in compliance with local ordinances and guidelines, through development of educational planting programs and septic maintenance materials for all lot and home owners in the community related to littorals, lawn maintenance activities and community drainage standards and requirements, with compliance determined by a lake inspection program utilizing certified personnel.

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This includes the management of water across the property to ensure that it successfully drains into the lakes, preserve area and eventually into Matlacha Pass. This includes the “inner swales” (between homes and the golf course) and the “outer swales” (between homes and the street), as well as water from the roads, ditches, and common areas.

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This includes maintenance of natural vegetation and wildlife in the designated area and the control of invasive or nuisance species that threaten it.  Specific committee responsibilities include the removal of exotic plants and nuisance plants, removal of debris causing harm to preserve plantlife/wildlife, maintenance of mangroves, inspection of plants and trees within the preserve area, and improving the wildlife habitat.  A current compliance certificate is on file.



Details about the permits issued by Lee County and the South Florida Water Management District and the measures we are taking to comply.



Learn about the methods by which the HOA contributes to maintaining the quality of surface water in our area.

A multi-year plan and budget has been developed to ensure Cape Royal community compliance in Lake Maintenance as required by the Lee County’s Land Development Code (LDC), Section 10-329.  To learn more click on each of the arrows above.

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