Since 2007 Cape Royal has been a volunteer resident run community with the Board of Directors responsible for a wide range of responsibilities.  As a result the Board of Directors has formed 12 key committees, along with select sub committees to help administer these responsibilities.    Countless volunteer hours are dedicated by many residents in each committee, which enhances the environment of Cape Royal, keeps our HOA fees low and makes it the desirable community it has become.

Below are links to a list of the committee leadership, their areas of responsibilities and committee members serving our community.  All residents are welcome to join as a member of one or more committees as the HOA Board and its committees are always looking for new and innovative participants.   Contact the chairperson of any committees of interest.  

Reviews, approves and enforces architectural plans and specifications for new construction and major improvements.

Architectural Review Board

Bob Mitchell


Manages HOA-funded activities, including Community Garage Sale, Newcomer and Block parties, Easter Egg Hunt, Breast Cancer Walk, front gate Christmas decorations, and traditional Halloween activities.

Community Activities Committee

Jacquie Flenniken


Ensures compliance by HOA and GGP of lease and plan for future golf course projects, supports golf course long-term, and ensures annual debt assessment remains constant for 15 years.

Golf Steering Committee

Debbie Davidson


Develops, executes and maintains a long-range planning process for the community.

Strategic Planning Committee

Ed Harrington


Maintains communication between the board, committees, and residents. Includes the Family Data Sheet process, website, annual directory, new resident’s packet and Block Captains.

Communications Committee

Karen Durand, Acting


Educates residents about our rules, identifies property violations, and seeks corrections. Maintains documents to meet Florida statutes.

Covenants and Governing Documents Committee

Parker Cortner


Develops and implements a budgeted plan to maintain and beautify the common areas of the community.

Landscape and Property Maintenance Committee

Lynette Cogan


Develops and implements a Lake Maintenance Plan for all ponds, preserves, and drainage in Cape Royal.

Surface Water Management

Bill Ready


Manages the processes that control access to our Community through our North and West gates.

Community Access Committee

Bob Voshell


Manages HOA finances, develops annual budgets, and ensures conformance with legal responsibilities.

Finance Committee

Harry Lindgren


Ensures roadways are maintained and lighting is operational within the community.

Roads and Lighting Committee

Marty Davidson


Ensures vacant lot owners maintain their lots via private contractor or HOA service.

Vacant Lot Maintenance Committee

Joe Boyd



Prepares & disseminates information and provides coordination in the event of a severe storm.

Emergency Preparedness - Strategic Planning Subcommittee

Mark & Camille Miloff


Manages water quality and weed growth in the community's man-made lakes.

Lakes - Surface Water Mgt Subcommittee

Neil Price


Responsible for drainage in common easement areas and road right-of-ways to private property.

Drainage - Surface Water Mgt Subcommittee

Marty Davidson


Maintains the Cape Royal preserve and Reflection Lake, the community's only natural lake.

Preserve - Surface Water Mgt Subcommittee

Elaine Chapman-Moore