Surface Water Management

The HOA is responsible for all aspects of the 23 man- made lakes in the community and interacts with homeowners, our golf lessee (Troon Green Golf Partners), the EPA, DNR, SFWMD, and Lee County regarding regulations related to our lakes.  All man- made lakes are currently being treated for quality, algae, and other issues and are in good shape.  Water quality measurements are taken monthly by resident volunteers and delivered to the Lee County Hyacinth Control District for testing.

Upon Acquisition of the golf course in 2016, the HOA funded an Environmental study by a 3rd party and is using that as roadmap moving forward.  As a result of the study, the HOA contracted with a 3rd party to repair a hardened lake bank on the golf course Prince 5.

While the Rip Rap (wall of white rock) installed on the lakeshore of Prince #5 is attractive, only 20% or less of our shorelines can include this material, per FL ordinance.  Therefore, more natural alternatives, such as littorals, must be found to maintain our shorelines.  

This is a multi-year project. For those homeowners with a shoreline who want to take action at their own expense (before their lake is scheduled) the committee asks that you first fill out and submit the Lake Shoreline Review Request Form.  

In 2019, the HOA completed measurements and an initial assessment was made of each shoreline of all 23 man made lakes, from which a multi-year plan of remediation was formulated.  Each lake was numbered, measured and photographed.  Click here for Lake Map.  Proposed solutions were developed based on calculated number of feet with a given condition (slope, wave action, soft bank, existing mitigations, etc.).

In 2020 we conducted a “Preserving our Ponds, Lakes and Preserves Informational Session – The Homeowner’s Role,” for all residents.  We completed critical shoreline remediation, with rip-rap added to the Prince 7 tee box and a small segment next to the Prince 6 cart path. The HOA also oversaw planting of 10,000 littorals in one day in Lakes 1, 3, 8, 9, 11, 16, 18, 20, 21 and 22, which are doing well.


In 2021, remediation will be completed on Lakes 10, 14 and 18, utilizing dredgesox and grading techniques, new educational content is being developed for the website, and littoral planting days with on-site instruction from a local expert will continue.

6 Steps Toward Maintaining Water Quality














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