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Surface Water Management

  • Every road in the community is bound on both sides by either a drainage swale, a culvert, or a valley gutter which the HOA is responsible for.

  • The northern perimeter of the community has a drainage swale the entire length of that area.

  • The eastern perimeter of the community has a swale the entire length of the community.

  • The western perimeter has a swale system from the northern terminus to the West Gate.

  • The remainder of the western perimeter is adjacent to the Preserve.

  • The southern perimeter has the golf course on the western half and a swale system on the eastern half.

  • In 2018 the Roads and Drainage committee completed the 5-year plan to remediate all of the drainage swales in the community. 

  • The Roads and Drainage committee continues to inspect and repair of swales. To date, drains have been cleaned out, which is scheduled regularly;  started a rear swales project in the dry season, and inspected the lake culverts in the north drainage basin.


  • Provide oversight for new construction drainage to ensure  the drains are set at the right level.

  • In 2021 the SWM Committee worked to assist the Lee County Division of Natural Resources to install MEDALLIONS on our storm drains to help make our residents and vendors more aware of the fact that everything that goes in our Storm Water Drains eventually ends up in Matlacha Pass and the Gulf of Mexico. These aluminum storm drain markers caution passersby that any litter and chemicals will wind up untreated and taint a natural body of water.

  • Residents are asked to fill out the Lake Shoreline Review Request Form and gain preapproval from the ARB if they would like to complete any drainage or erosion control activities themselves.

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