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Surface Water Management


Since 2017, the Preserve Committee has used a community volunteer group and contracted with 3rd parties to remove the exotic plants in the Preserve, which includes 30 acres of wetlands—where the Queen golf course holes 5, 6, 7 and 8 reside—and Reflection Lake, the community’s only natural lake. 


This work ensures that the community is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and Lee County under permit #36-00450-S.


The Preserve area forms the western boundary of our community, preserving wildlife and serving as a filter for surface water prior to its entry into the state and county preserve lands to the west—and eventually Matlacha Bay.  

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  • Starting in 2018, the Preserve Committee contracted with a 3rd party to keep our natural lake in compliance. 


  • In 2019 the committee started adding a variety of initial littorals to the shoreline to deter the spread of invasives.

  • In 2020 planting of additional littorals continued on shorelines and other areas, including milkweed to attract butterflies.  In addition, identification signs for several native plants in the Reflection Lake area have been added.  Canna and Pond Apple have been planted in the retention pond area south of the West Gate, per county requirement. Shrubs were also planted on small berm south of west side ficus hedge, where the county drainage work exposed views of CR homes.

How Cape Royal Maintains Compliance for Permit #36-00450-S


Volunteer and contracted services are used to remove exotic and nuisance plants; remove debris causing harm to preserve plant life/wildlife, maintain the mangroves, and inspect the plants and trees within the preserve area.

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Littorals:  Shoreline Plantings to Improve Wildlife Habitats

A residential lake’s ability to mimic nature begins with installation and maintenance of native shoreline plants. These plants provide protective health benefits to our lakes by serving as perimeter marsh filters, trapping and processing runoff nutrients from turf and street areas, and stabilizing shoreline sediments.

Littorals-Blue Flag 2 -3-30-20 (1).jpeg

Coordinate Work with Other HOA Committees

Coordination of landscaping and golf-related issues and  structures related to the Preserve—e.g., bridges on the golf course spanning the Preserve.

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Discourage Wildlife Feeding

Feeding wild birds changes the natural balance in the environment, leading to overpopulation around a given lake and bird illness. For us, this also results in nutrient loading in small bodies of water creating more algae.

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Avoid Trim and Clipping Waste In Lakes

Guidelines for 3rd party mowing and maintenance have been established to minimize waste disposal into our natural lake and surrounding property within Cape Royal.

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