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The Block Captains who are assigned throughout our community are residents who volunteer their time and effort to the community. They are the conduit between the residents and the Board of Directors and the various committees within our homeowners’ association. Below are some of the duties they are responsible for: 


  • Greet new residents in their block of responsibility to coordinate the distribution of gate openers, gate security codes, phone directories and to collect information specified on the Family Data Sheets. 


  • Keep Family Data Sheet information up to date as information changes (Phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) 


  • Distribute information from the HOA Board of Directors and various HOA Committees to the residents that is sent to them by the Board’s president.


  • Forward questions, issues or complaints from residents to the HOA Board.

Below are some of the things Block Captains are NOT responsible for: 

  •  Enforcement of HOA covenant restrictions. Residents can report items to the Block Captains and they will forward this information to the HOA Covenant & Governing Documents Committee for appropriate action.


  • Knowledge of the general well-being or health of residents within their block of responsibility. This is a private matter between the residents and their family and friends.


  • General bad behavioral traits of residents within their block. If residents have an issue with a neighbor or someone on their block, they should either confront the neighbor directly or if the situation is getting out of hand, then the local law enforcement agency should be called. 


  • Security issues within their block of responsibility. Any security issues (i.e., break-ins, thefts, vandalism, solicitors, unauthorized fishing, etc.) should be reported to the local law enforcement agency and your Block Captain.  Your Block Captain will then pass the information on to the appropriate HOA Committee, i.e. Gate Access Committee, the Covenants Committee or the HOA Board. 

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