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Recreation  Committee

Mike Reitmeier
Board Liaison:
Harvey McMahon
Volunteers needed:
Current Members:

Alan Cataldi - Pickleball Club
Karen Forsberg
Lucille Rokosz
Ron Thurow

Recreation Committee Background and Responsibilities

The Recreation Committee was formed in November 2022.  The committee was created to bring together all our community activities to facilitate coordination, scheduling and communication of recreational activities in the Cape Royal community.  In addition, the committee was established to support recreation activities in the Cape Royal community.  Through communications, the Recreation Committee will share updates regarding special recreational activities.  The committee will explore other similar community developments and extract ideas of value regarding recreational activities.  Overall, we as a community need to be proactive and be competitive in providing excellent, attractive amenities and an assortment of recreational activities such as Bocce, Euchre, Hand & Foot, Table Tennis, Pickleball, Mahjong, 333 Wine Club, Golf Leagues, Kayaking, Tennis, Bingo, Ladies Bridge, and Trivia.

The committee's mission is to provide our community the opportunity to participate in active and passive, individual and team, competitive and non-competitive activities.  Through our community recreational and leisure activities, we strive to foster community spirit through friendship and teamwork.  Ultimately, creating an atmosphere/environment of “just having fun”.


Committee responsibilities include:

  • Establish/maintain a database of all Cape Royal Recreational activities

  • Provide periodic communications to the HOA community regarding updates of special recreational events/activities

  • Provide the required information/justification when requesting funds for annual budget

  • Manage the approved annual budget

  • Support the recreational groups in achieving their objectives

  • Explore and solicit additional recreational activities from the Cape Royal community

  • Develop and establish short-term/long-term list of recreational activities to share with BOD and HOA community

  • Periodically assess needs/requirements of the Cape Royal recreational assets to share with BOD

  • Provide insight and guidance regarding maintenance/improvements of HOA recreation community assets to the BOD

Committee-Managed Documents:
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