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Emergency Preparedness

Subcommittee of Strategic Planning

Susan Wegener
Board Liaison:
Ed Petrik
Volunteers needed:
Current Members:

  • Understand the issues relative to its scope responsibilities by communicating with the BOD and HOA membership.

  • Develop and manage the approved annual Budget.

  • Develop tactical plans specific to the budget, committee plans and objectives.

  • Execute plans utilizing project management skills.

  • Manage BOD approved 3rd party contracts.

  • Periodically assess future requirements of the Committee’s long range planning and communicating to the Board.

This is a subcommittee of the Strategic Planning Committee whose primary purpose is preparing and disseminating Emergency Preparedness information and coordination in the event of a significant storm on behalf of the community.   The committee meets as needed and is looking for volunteers.   


Committee tasks include:

  • Communicate with Lee County Emergency Response agencies and personnel, i.e. Public Safety, Fire, etc. in the event of a major emergency.

  • Disseminate information from Lee County Emergency Response agencies to residents utilizing established methods of communication, as well as by future methods approved by the HOA Board.

  • Provide ongoing up to date information, as received to inform residents both before and after significant events.

  • Provide Emergency Preparedness Education/Seminars utilizing local Emergency Response Agencies to residents, as needed, but specifically each year prior to the beginning of Hurricane Season.

  • Overall abide by the Emergency Powers in Section 11 of the Amended & Restated Bylaws of Royal Tee Homeowners, Inc. (a/b/a Cape Royal Homeowners Association)

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