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Covenants & Governing Documents Committee

Board Liaison:
Parker Cortner
Volunteers needed:
Current Members:

Mark Baganz
Tom Cooper
George Einsetler
Jim Lester
Gary McKinley
Cathy Ready
Rhonda Hibbert – Committee Admin Assistant

Committee Background and Responsibilities

This volunteer resident based committee was formed to ensure that all lot and home owners abide by the covenants and restrictions in order to maintain our beautiful community and to make sure it is beautiful for years to come.  As a self -governing, deed restricted community we rely on the structure and rules set forth in our Governing Documents, which have been amended as needed since our incorporation in 1990.  The Documents consist of a Declaration of Covenants, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.  This committee is responsible for maintaining the HOA documents consistent with Florida Statutes, monitoring and enforcing compliance and managing the process for violations and fines. A Working Compilation of these documents, which include all of the amendments made to date can be found on the right side of this page. 


Every resident is expected to follow the rules set forth, and the Board and its Covenants Committee has a legal obligation to enforce them.  Articles 4-8 of the  Declaration of Covenants document discuss the majority of property rules and regulations monitored by the Covenants Committee.    


This committee has periodic inspections and communicates by email, regular and certified mail if necessary with individual residents regarding any observed violations, which need to be addressed.   Committee meetings are held peridocially throughout the year, typically around inspection timeframes.  The committee chair provides updates at the monthly HOA Meeting.  Due to the confidential nature of  this work, meeting minutes are not produced


We encourage all residents to take the time to THANK the individuals on this committee and consider taking a turn on the team as all residents are welcome to participate.  To volunteer, call any member on the team or contact us by email  Cape Royal is what we make it and we need you!


Covenant/Governing Documents Committee tasks are as follows:

  • Communicate and prepare residents for Major Inspections 3 times per year.

  • Drive through community in teams during each Major Inspection to determine non-compliant residences/lots.  Take photographs and file an online report while in route for any non-compliances observed.  The data goes to an online database for follow up by the committee administrative assistant.

  • Work with residents on their noncompliant issues, as needed or requested.

  • Monitor for everyday violations – each committee member is assigned to a section of the community and monitors that section for noncompliance throughout the year.

  • The committee Administrative Assistant sends out notifications to noncompliant residences/lots (First, Second, Third Notices), seeking resolution and time table to become compliant through a streamlined database system.

  • Committee Chair requests Board approval to bring offending home/lot owner before a hearing panel of his/her peers, as needed.

  • Committee Chair recommends fines/liens to the HOA Board for approval for those who fail to become compliant or are repeat violators.

  • Understand the issues relative to its scope responsibilities by communicating with the BOD and HOA membership.

  • Develop and manage the approved annual Budget.

  • Develop tactical plans specific to the budget, committee plans and objectives.

  • Execute plans utilizing project management skills.

  • Manage BOD approved 3rd party contracts.

  • Periodically assess future requirements of the Committee’s long range planning and communicating to the Board.

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