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Communications Committee

Mick Katch
Board Liaison:
Deb Davidson
Volunteers needed:
Current Members:

Lee Andera – New Residents Package
Leslie Mitchell – Community Address/Phone Directory
Denise Wozniak – Nextdoor Liaison
Linda Reynolds – Webmaster
Rhonda Hibbert – Airtable CR Database, Historical Information, Google Drive (content manager and maintains)
Neil Price – Public Relations

Communications Committee Background and Description

The Communications Committee was formed when the HOA assumed control of the Cape Royal Board in June of 2007. It has evolved over the years to keep our residents informed and connected through direct email communications and a resident database as well as through community specific communication tools, including, but not limited to the Cape Royal HOA website, a community calendar, a community directory, new resident packets, newsletters, and the social media platform, Nextdoor.   


This allows for bi-directional communication between the HOA Board of Directors and Committees, and its membership as well as intra community communication.  The committee meets on an as needed basis and all residents of Cape Royal are invited to join.  Committee tasks include the following:


  • Maintain a website of HOA and other community information

  • Produce and distribute a HOA Homeowners’ Directory annually

  • Provide leadership to the Block Captains coordinating their activities and email distribution.

  • Produce, maintain and distribute a “New Residents’ Package” of HOA and other community information.

  • Owner of the Family Data Sheet (FDS) database and process to all committees, as needed, including but not limited to the Finance Committee, Community Access Committee, HOA Board, etc.

  • Maintain community calendar in conjunction with GGP/Troon

  • Maintain HOA Historical content

  • Understand the issues relative to its scope responsibilities by communicating with the BOD and HOA membership.

  • Develop and manage the approved annual Budget.

  • Develop tactical plans specific to the budget, committee plans and objectives.

  • Execute plans utilizing project management skills.

  • Manage BOD approved 3rd party contracts.

  • Periodically assess future requirements of the Committee’s long range planning and communicating to the Board.

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