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Architectural Review Board

Bob Mitchell
Board Liaison:
Parker Cortner
Volunteers needed:
Current Members:

Chuck Hibbert - Voting Member
Barb Munoz - Voting Member
Bob Stites - Voting Member
Marty Davidson - Alternate Member
Deidre Petrik - Mailboxes

Committee Background and Responsibilities:

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) is a permanent, independent standing Board of the Cape Royal Homeowners Association (CRHOA), with the authority to review and approve architectural plans and specifications for all new home construction or exterior remodeling of existing homes and landscaping replacement. The ARB conducts formal architecture review meetings on the second Monday of each month to analyze and reject / approve new projects' documentation submissions.

The ARB chairperson and its members are appointed annually by the CRHOA and consists of five (5) members as documented in the Declaration of Covenants and the published architectural guidelines documents.  Members of the ARB shall serve voluntarily and without compensation. A quorum of the ARB shall be at least three (3) members and may include duly designated alternate members, and decisions shall be made by the majority present for that meeting. The background of the members should be knowledgeable in construction and remodeling matters that come before the ARB.  If the Board of Directors approves, the ARB may hire a Chairperson and/or a consultant with home building industry experience. Paid Chairperson’s and/or Consultant’s qualifications and compensation must be approved by the Board of Directors. 

Plans for all proposed construction, (whether new, alterations, exterior remodeling, painting, and landscaping), must be approved by the ARB in conformance with the community appearances.  Plans submitted for approval must be in a form adequate to demonstrate compliance with the guidelines.  All relevant forms are referenced with associated links on the right side of this page, including: Request ARB Review (New Construction or Home Improvement), Architecture Guidelines Policy 600, and Construction Agreement.


If additional information is needed, email, or call (239) 896-4804, or send correspondence to ARB Chairperson, 1242 SW Pine Island Road, #42-444, Cape Coral Florida 33991.  You will receive a response within 72 hours after receipt of request.


Other responsibilities include new/repair/replacement of mailboxes, road signs repair and/or replacement, contractor bids quotes pertaining to ARB area of responsibilities. Committee Members are responsible for periodic review of new home sites under construction and approved exterior home improvements in the community.   Architectural Review Board tasks include the following:

  • Verify blueprints and permits are approved by Lee County.  Note: It is the homeowner's responsibility to retain licensed and insured contractors.

  • Develop, maintain and publish construction guidelines, building and construction site appearance standards.

  • Ensure new construction conforms to Cape Royal By-Laws and Covenants.

  • All contractors abide to Policy 600, Construction Agreement, and Request for Architecture signed documents.

  • Understand issues relative to its scope of responsibilities with communications to the CRHOA Board and membership.

  • Develop and manage the approved annual Budget, assess future requirements for long range planning and approval by the CRHOA.

  • Develop tactical plans specific to the budget, committee plans and objectives, and execute same.

  • Approve CRHOA BOD 3rd party building and property contracts.

  • Understand the issues relative to its scope responsibilities by communicating with the BOD and HOA membership.

  • Develop and manage the approved annual Budget.

  • Develop tactical plans specific to the budget, committee plans and objectives.

  • Execute plans utilizing project management skills.

  • Manage BOD approved 3rd party contracts.

  • Periodically assess future requirements of the Committee’s long range planning and communicating to the Board.

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